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We are conveniently located in the Overlake area.

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Long daily hours

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Erdemar Tayag, PT, DPT

Education/Background: BS in Physical Therapy from the Lyceum Northwestern University, Philippines. Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Geriatric Certification from Evidence in Motion Institute of Health Professions. Experience in geriatrics, massage and manual therapy. 
Interests/Activities: Hiking, volleyball, tennis, traveling, singing and cooking. 

Michele Fowler, PT

Education/Background: BS in Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC and a BA in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.  Experience in women's health.

Interests/Activities:  Snowboarding, biking, tennis and foreign travel.


Our mission is to provide a patient-oriented environment and treatment approach that supports the natural heal processes. Our goal is to integrate advanced therapy techniques, active patient participation and open communication with referring providers to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations.

Home exercise programs and self-care education are stressed and therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment are available.

Steve Campbell, DPT has owned the practice since 1985.  He has extensive experience, and focuses on soft tissue and manual techniques.

Education/Background: Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University.  Master's degree in Physical Therapy from the U of W and a Bachelor's degree in pre-physical therapy and Medical Sciences with a minor in Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Interest/Activities: Running, music, gardening, gourmet cooking, foreign travel and literature.