Meet Dr. Christopher Gries, PT, DPT, CEO

Dr. Gries has recently acquired Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy Center and renovations have begun. Dr. Gries has over 13 years of experience working as a Physical Therapist. While Dr. Gries offers traditional physical therapy services, he also provides unique programs that include home health programs, athletic technique, strength, posture, work conditioning, ergonomic training, work-related injury prevention and worker’s compensation specialties. The clinic will be undergoing an expansive remodel that reflects his excellence in quality of life model. We invite you to call (425) 643-2928 for a 10-minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Gries.



Our mission at the Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy Center is to help you ascend into better health; physically, spiritually, and emotionally.



Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy.

Lifestyle Focus

Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy.

Home Therapy

Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy.

Athletics & Technique

Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy.

Business & Corporate

Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy.

Worker’s Compensation

Dr. Gries is a physical therapist in Redmond Washington and Bellevue Washington.

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